AIFAC 2023 provides a robust lineup with industry experts and thought leaders focused on key strategic topics of interest. 

Please click here to access the working AIFAC 2023 agenda

The 2023 Conference Objectives include:

  • Exploring Emerging Trends by delving into the rapidly evolving landscape of finance and accounting and highlighting the latest developments, standards and best practices shaping the profession.
  • Addressing Global Challenges through discussions on strategies to overcome obstacles and build resilience in the face of unprecedented challenges including the ongoing climate crisis.
  • Embracing Ubiquitous Technology and Artificial Intelligence to gain insights into enhancing efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness in today‚Äôs business landscape.
  • Fostering a Proactive Approach to innovation by encouraging finance professionals and business leaders to adopt a proactive mindset towards continuous improvement and creating sustainable value.

AIFAC 2023 promises to once again be the premier professional development opportunity for financial and accounting professionals and business leaders to Adapt, Transform and Excel to continue charting financial excellence in industry.


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