Listing of ICATT Registered Firms

The ICATT Register of Approved Firms has been established since January 1, 2018 In accordance with Rules 2.27 – 2.29 of the ICATT Rules and Regulations 2018.  Firms whose Members in Practice (MPs) are in good standing are eligible to be registered with ICATT. “Member in Practice” means a member who holds a valid Auditing or Practising Certificate issued by the Institute.

An ICATT Registered Firm is entitled to indicate its status on its official letterhead, on its website, and is eligible to use the words ICATT REGISTERED FIRM followed by the year of registration on any documentation or website. Registrations must be renewed annually by January 2 to maintain the designation.

The Partners, Principals and Directors of the Registered Firms listed below hold valid Auditing or Practising Certificates and, having met the requirements of the Institute, are deemed fit and proper and in good standing as at June 30, 2022. Audit Firms may undertake both auditing and practising services, while Practising Firms may perform a range of financial services other than audit.

In accordance with Rules 2.27 – 2.29 of the ICATT Rules and Regulations 2018, firms whose Members in Practice (MPs) are in good standing are eligible to be registered with ICATT.

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IdOrganisation NameEmailPhoneType Of Firm
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60024A.R.K. Montgomery & Co. Chartered Accountants[email protected]1-868-623-4573MP, MPA
60004Accounting Matters Limited[email protected]1-868-798-4487MP
60006Accounting Outsourcing Consultants[email protected]1-868-620-6267MP
60001Aegis & Co.[email protected]1-868-625-6473MP, MPA
60002Aegis Business Solutions Limited[email protected]1-868-625-6473MP, MPA
60008Alan Ramoutar & Company Chartered Accountants[email protected]1-868-741-5791MP, MPA
60005Ali Omardeen & Company[email protected]1-868-678-6246MP, MPA
28008Associate's Management Solution Limited[email protected]1-868-652-9847MP
60013B Moonoo & Company[email protected]1-868-658-4313MP, MPA
60016Baker Tilly Montano Ramcharitar[email protected]1-868-625-0169MP, MPA
60009BDO Trinidad and Tobago[email protected]1-868-624-6796MP, MPA
60012Bertram Hadaway & Company Ltd[email protected]1-868-625-1558MP, MPA
60015Bhesham Singh & Company[email protected]1-868-672-8348MP, MPA
60011Bob Gopee & Associates Chartered Accountants[email protected]1-868-628-4707MP, MPA
60014Business Pro Limited[email protected]1-868-675-0109MP
60093C. Mongroo Financial and Consulting Services Ltd[email protected]1-868-284-1422MP
60020Camacho Boyce & Associate[email protected]1-868-221-0830MP, MPA
60096Carlos Moodoo & Company[email protected]1-868-681-7928MP, MPA
60017Citadel Accounting & Consultancy Services[email protected]1-868-780-2364MP
60019Claude Bharath & Company[email protected]1-868-665-4052MP, MPA