In accordance with Rules 2.27 – 2.29 of the ICATT Rules and Regulations 2018, firms whose Members in Practice (MPs) are in good standing are eligible to be registered with ICATT.

“Member in Practice” means a member who holds a valid Practising (non-Audit) or Auditing Certificate issued by the Institute in accordance with the Practising Regulations.  A firm registered with ICATT will be entitled to indicate its status on its official letterhead and on its website and is eligible to use the words ICATT REGISTERED FIRM.

Please note that once the Principals/Partners/Directors of your Firm hold valid ICATT Practising or Auditing Certificates you may complete and submit the attach for consideration.  For this reason, please find attached a template letter to be submitted with a copy of your firm’s Annual Return Client Information Form.  Click here to download the template letter and Annual Return Client Information Form. Once completed, please email the respective documents to [email protected]  to ICATT for the consideration by Council.

Kindly click the following to access ICATT’s Guideline for registering an approved firm